Best of the best Freestyle Music Remixes

According to Wikipedia, freestyle music is nothing more than a dance genre that emerged in the US in the early 1980’s.
Although similar in its wording, I definitively prefer Bad Boy Joe‘s definition:

I discovered freestyle music as it was being discovered in the US itself and I lived it all the way through, until its (almost) complete disappearance from the media.

Although a bit short, the journey was simply amazing and the mixes that were created with and specifically for it were simple a-maz-ing!

Many people in my age range (the 40’s, that is) remembers many of the most popular tracks, but a very few has had the privilege to experience the impressive works of art that were created by, mostly unknown, DJs and producers of the era.

If you ever liked Silent Morning, Show Me, IOU, Runnin’, Where Are You Tonight or For Tonight, just to name a few, you’ll love these remixes!

Please note that many of these remixes were ripped to MP3s by myself from cassettes, so the quality may not be ideal on some of them…

Of course, over the years and thanks to many of my friends and the internet, I’ve been able to acquire better recordings but, for the purposes of this post, I’ll only include the originals I used to listen to when I was younger; somehow, still today, I prefer the muffled sound of my old cassettes.

Noel – Silent Morning

Let’s keep things simple and start with a classic: Silent Morning by Noel.
Although I very much prefer Out Of Time or Like A Child, this remix of Silent Morning, produced by the freestyle radio station HOT 103, is simply mind blowing.

Amaretto – Clave Rocks

This is the way I like my remixes. Whoever did this must be the brother I never had!
Somehow it reminds me of the Larkero’s Remix of Domino Dancing by the Pet Shop Boys but… on steroids!

Freeez – IOU

This has to be one of my favorite tracks of all time. A bit of a disco track and yet so freestyle.
It has some je ne se qua that makes it so prone to get remixed that, to date, it must be one of the most remixed tracks ever.

This is, by far, my preferred version, recorded directly off of the official remixes album.

George Lamond – Bad Of The Heart

This particular track, the original version of course, has beautiful melodies and the chorus is nothing less than enigmatic. The guys who remixed it though, went full steam and in 1999 managed to revive a classic through some serious and nasty remixing style.

Giggles – Love Letter

A great production enhancing the best of the track through a very nicely done remix.

Stevie B – Dreamin’ Of Love

Well… get ready again for some really nasty remixing.
Man I love this remix!
(Note to self: find out what the hell were those guys smoking – as it had to be somethin’ good, indeed)

Sweet Sensation – Sincerely Yours

So what happens if you remix a great track with Beetlejuice and add the most popular keyboard/synth sound of the era?

TKA – Tears May Fall

TKA has always been my favorite freestyle music band. Because of the music, the lyrics, the remixes, but above everything else because of the way those guys sounded.
It truly brings me back… Oh the memories.

TKA – Maria

This track is simply amazing and it has been remixed to no end.
Here are my two favorite versions.

First, a more conservative one truthful to the original.

And more radical remix, specially designed to get you jumping!

Orange Lemon – The Texican (Dreams Of Santa Ana)

It’s truly a shame that this particular remix has such a low sound quality.
Nonetheless, a gem of a remix.

Nice & Wild – Diamond Girl

Banned on many countries (at the time) this song was particularly made famous by the sensual and provocative overdubs of a girl either having an extremely pleasing time or feeling extremely sick…

Monet – My Heart Gets All The Breaks

This is not a remix. I guess there’s no need to remix a track when it is perfect. Very few songs, since “we” started remixing them had no need to be further “enhanced”.
The production level on this (original) track is just mesmerizing.

Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam – Can You Feel The Beat

To keep it simple and to the point: WOW!

Cover Girls – Show Me

One of the earliest freestyle tracks that made it to the general public and with good reason.
Great beat, melody and lyrics. What else can you ask?

Cover Girls – Wishing On A Star

Please… pump up the fucking volume on your speaks now!

Coro – Can’t Let You Go

This one’s for the shotties 😉
Unfortunately, it’s not complete. Please, if anyone has this version, let me know.

Information Society – What’s On Your Mind

When this one reached the masses, many of us already knew Information Society because of the next track but still, this is a great piece and this remix is just amazing.

Information Society – Runnin’

If Pink Floyd ever decided to release a freestyle song, this would be it.
Although the list of tracks on this post is not organized in any particular order I, of course, have left the best for last.
I’ll spare you from any praising comments about this masterpiece; as for anything I could say about it, I would be simply embarrassing myself.