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Best of the best Freestyle Music Remixes

According to Wikipedia, freestyle music is nothing more than a dance genre that emerged in the US in the early 1980’s. Although similar in its wording, I definitively prefer Bad Boy Joe‘s definition: I discovered freestyle music as it was being discovered in the US itself and I lived it all the way through, until […]

DJ Master Marino & The Wall Breaker – KO’Z Mix

DJ Master Marino & The Wall Breaker

After the huge success with the Summer’94 Megamix we decided to challenge ourselves and create another megamix. This one was to be based on the most popular tracks that were being played at KO’Z Club, where Master Marino was working as a DJ. Basic concept, extremely hard task… because the megamix would contain all kinds […]

DJ Master Marino & The Wall Breaker – Summer’94 Megamix

DJ Master Marino & The Wall Breaker

This was my first megamix and quite probably, the first megamix ever made in the Dominican Republic. The megamix is a collaboration between Jose Gutierrez (aka DJ Master Marino) and myself (aka The Wall Breaker). Why was I known as “The Wall Breaker”?, well… let me explain: (more…)