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DJ Master Marino & The Wall Breaker – Summer’94 Megamix

DJ Master Marino & The Wall Breaker

This was my first megamix and quite probably, the first megamix ever made in the Dominican Republic. The megamix is a collaboration between Jose Gutierrez (aka DJ Master Marino) and myself (aka The Wall Breaker). Why was I known as “The Wall Breaker”?, well… let me explain: (more…)

The Extasis Megamix Collection

Extasis Megamix Volumen 1

The Extasis Megamixes are a series of megamixes that were created for Extasis 89.5, a radio station from Santiago, Dominican Republic around the late 90’s. The megamixes are compilations of some of the greatest latin rock and pop songs from that era. The songs included in each megamix were picked by Tony Rodríguez, one of […]