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4 Elementos

Well, this one I really like. Some how my daughter’s dance teacher knew I did remixes and she asked for a fast paced mix that included some of the most popular tracks that were being played on the radio at that time, around 1998 (I think). (more…)

Rap-along Megamix

This is a rather weird megamix I created around 1998. The megamix features rock songs where the main vocals are rapping over. Nothing too special, but if you like the songs you might like the megamix. Download: Rap-along Megamix Format: 44.1KHz@16bit Stereo Length: 6″24′ / 7.37MB Includes: Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood Crazytown – Butterfly Sublime […]

Reggaeton Megamix

I never really liked this remix except for the first minute or so. The rest was put together rather quickly and quite carelessly. It is also quite old, I think I did it circa 2002 so the tracks it includes are very old-school reggaetons. (more…)

MegaRengues Mix

This megamix is one of the reasons I wanted to start a blog about my mixing adventures. I’m originally from Barcelona, Spain, but at the age of 12 I moved (for reasons that do not belong to this post) to the Dominican Republic. After moving, I found out that there wasn’t much to do… and […]

DJ Master Marino & The Wall Breaker – KO’Z Mix

DJ Master Marino & The Wall Breaker

After the huge success with the Summer’94 Megamix we decided to challenge ourselves and create another megamix. This one was to be based on the most popular tracks that were being played at KO’Z Club, where Master Marino was working as a DJ. Basic concept, extremely hard task… because the megamix would contain all kinds […]