xPeriments with Loops

Back in the mid-90s I was very deep into techno, German techno. I think I actually owned all of the Techno Trax CDs.
So one day, after receiving one of the first loops collections I bought from Sony for Acid Pro, I decided to start producing my first EP under the name “xPeriments with Loops”.

I created four original tracks but only got to finish two of them and of the two, I only really like Track #2 (untitled).
It is a hard hitting, fast and powerful techno track that, back in the day would have found many followers.

xPeriments With Loops Track 2 (Acid Pro)

xPeriments With Loops Track 2 (Acid Pro)

All tracks in the EP were created by looping a series of well… loops… and they all sound a bit bland, except for Track #2.

For this particular track I got inspired by one of the loops included in the set which reminded me of a track I once created in Rebirth 1.0. Then I started to look for suitable bass lines, drum kits and accompanying effects.

And here’s the end result:

Still to this day I really like to play it from time to time, when I’m alone, of course!

Just for the sake of keeping the blog and this post complete, here are all the four tracks. Remember that only tracks 1 and 2 are “finished” — all the others are unfinished “experiments”.

Download: Tack 1

Download: Tack 2

Download: Tack 3

Download: Tack 4

Finally, here’s a download link for the four Acid Pro projects, in case you want to see how were those tracks created:
Download Acid Project